Weddings and events

We design flower arrangements and bespoke creations for weddings and events, both private and corporate.

We favor seasonal flowers, maintaining their naturalness as much as possible, so that the flowers themselves generate the maximum intensity, both aesthetic and emotional. Each Hortus creation is designed for different situations and circumstances, reflecting the style of the people who choose us, the uniqueness of the moment and the context.

Gardens & Green Spaces

Gardens, roof gardens, flower beds, regardless of the size of the planting area, Hortus studies the solutions to create a harmonious green area, suggesting the most suitable varieties of plants for the context, enhancing the landscape in every season.

We use our beautiful plants and local flowers, biologically grown and fertilized with unconventional selections and varieties, such as our extraordinary grasses and the many varieties of ferns in the plant. Hortus carries out an inspection to verify the condition of the plants where they are already present and advises the customer according to specific needs.


We design floral sets and compositions for events, festivals and shows throughout the national territory. Each project is carried out starting from the study and evaluation of the client’s needs, to design the most effective scenario and with the highest possible quality, proposing original and always original solutions.

Every type of environment and context is evaluated and designed to achieve the client’s goals, to offer sets with a high emotional impact and each time new.