Our nursery is a kind of country garden where we practice a respectful cultivation of nature with integrated struggle. This means that we do not use any type of chemical harmful to our plants, preferring organic products. Our work comes from a great, authentic passion and the desire to draw botanical emotions, be they gardens or a bouquet, the result takes shape from the synergy between the wisdom of our hands and the development of the idea.


Each object is chosen with care and patience so that it transmits not only a sense of beauty but also an emotion. Every environment is created to unleash feelings in those who pass through our rooms. Each plant is cultivated and grown to give the customer the magic of color in every month of the year.


We have a profound respect for the wisdom of the most classic styles. We love rediscovering tradition, reviving by revisiting tastes of the past. We are fascinated by the Baroque exuberance as by the freshness of the Provencal environments, by the simplicity of the country chic and by the reference to authentic and natural things.


In Hortus we try to recreate an appearance of simplicity, which nevertheless is surprising. We capture the perfection of a naturally imperfect flower, which we love because of its unrepeatable uniqueness, trying to translate our work into a result of unconstrained, uncomplicated, simple elegance.